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A world-class integration with automatic data syncs for faster, easier payroll.


Pay your U.S.-based employees on time, every time.

By the time you’ve double, then triple-checked your payroll numbers, it can feel like you’re trapped inside a calculator—and no matter what, there’s still that feeling of panic right after you hit “Submit.” But stress is just something you have to deal with when it comes to payroll, right? Wrong. TRAXPayroll simplifies and accelerates the way you do payroll. Exclusively designed for U.S.-based employees, TRAXPayroll provides you with an easy, three-step process, federal and state tax filing, exceptional customer support, and a world-class integration with BambooHR. With TRAXPayroll, you can pay your people confidently, save valuable time, and preserve your sanity, all at once.

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Double data entry? Not if we can help it.

Managing employee data, tracking hours, and running payroll in multiple systems can mean hours of data entry, which means countless chances to make small errors that have big consequences. Fortunately, there’s a better option. Thanks to the seamless integration between TRAXPayroll and BambooHR, information like wages, hours, account numbers, benefits, deductions, and withholdings automatically syncs directly from BambooHR, so you can skip the double entry and feel confident your data is up to date.

World-class integration makes your life easier.

A single source of data—With BambooHR managing the data you need to run payroll, you can feel confident that when you make an update, the right data is automatically included in payroll.

One system for employees—Employees can access all their payroll information like pay stubs and direct deposit accounts right in BambooHR.

Single sign-on for admins—Single sign-on functionality means payroll admins only have to sign in once to access both BambooHR and TRAXPayroll.

A trusted source of data—With BambooHR managing almost all of the data you need to run payroll, you can feel confident that, when you make an update, the right data is in the right place.

Save hours on data entry—Deep integration means less double entry. Once entered and approved in BambooHR, most information syncs automatically so you spend less time punching in numbers.

Leave the tax filing to us.

In 2017 alone, the IRS assessed 5.36 million tax penalties related to employment taxes, amounting to almost $7 billion in fines. That’s no joke! But with TRAXPayroll taking care of all federal, state, and local taxes for your U.S.-based workers, you’ll get back hours of time and feel confident that your organization is on the up-and-up with all tax requirements. Phew!

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The reports you need, when you need them.

Trying to predict labor costs and make strategic payroll decisions without the right data is as risky as crossing the street blindfolded. But tracking down and reporting on all that information by hand is just as crazy. That’s why TRAXPayroll gives you instant access to over 100 standard, exportable payroll reports—because whether you’re looking to evaluate cash requirements, assess total deductions, or analyze a complete payroll summary per employee, you can trust TRAXPayroll to keep everyone on the same page.

Empower your employees.

Employees today want an active role in tracking their compensation, and TRAXPayroll is designed to make it easy. Thanks to the seamless integration between TRAXPayroll and BambooHR, your U.S.-based employees can access their pay stubs on the go and manage pay information like direct deposit and federal withholdings anytime, right from their phone or desktop. That’s a great employee experience, and it comes built-in with TRAXPayroll.

When you need us, we’re there.

When you have a question or a problem with your payroll system, you can’t afford to wait a week for a response. With TRAXPayroll, you’ll have direct access to a team of real human beings with the right knowledge and experience to help you quickly, giving you the same level of care that you know and love as a BambooHR customer.

Data security you can trust.

The last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not your employees’ sensitive payroll data is secure. Our top priority is keeping your data private and protected. That’s why we have important security measures in place like a three-tier backup redundancy plan, advanced data encryption, continuous monitoring, and diversified data centers. With TRAXPayroll, you can sleep well at night knowing all your payroll data is safe and sound.

"I have been doing payroll for more than 25 years. I have never worked with a payroll system that is as consistent and provides this level of service. Moving from a competitor to TRAXPayroll has saved me one full day each payroll period. Essentially it's given me back 2 full working days per month."

Kim Mitchum, Director of Accounting and Payroll | ENERGY worldnet, Inc

Our customers say it best.

We asked payroll professionals who use TRAXPayroll® and BambooHR to share how this combination helps them stay ahead, stay accurate, and stay strategic.
Because of the strong, streamlined integration between TRAXPayroll and BambooHR, I’m able to focus my time and energies in higher-value areas than data input.
—Jessica Neal | American Cedar & Millwork

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